Two is better than one

Here is a shot from a while back. This suspension stand is in our living room, and gets a fair amount of use. I had a model over for a shoot and decided to see if Hexxus wanted to join her for some shots.


They are both in chest harnesses and a two foot tie, which I am told is quite comfortable. The frame is quote strong. we have had four women suspended at once on it before. We would have been able to do five but we could not find another woman who was available that evening.


You can’t see all of them , but you get the idea.


The Hog Tie

It turns out almost everyone loves a hog tie. Hexxus enjoys it when I tie her up on our bed. I like to cover her with rope. It starts slow, but I add more and more. I was inspired the last time we did this to take a few close up shots. Notice the fancy – but easy to tie – half hitching back up the line after I finished the big loops.


Here is another shot of our friend Ashley Lane. Maybe you have seen her videos…


And the only thing better that one hog tied girl is two.

DSC_0044 copy


Doing Art in LA

I showed up at the Gallery at 4PM with three large bags. Leather pants, big-ass boots, rope, suspension ring and contingency gear for setting up a hard point. After much thought and discussion, I opted for the center of the room. The gallery was a brick building with Continue reading

Something Sweet

KinkFest is over, I am nursing a beer at HUB in Portland. I am reflecting on things, on a great weekend. I played in the dungeon three days in a row. They had an awesome lighting truss suspension rig, actually three of them. A major upgrade from last year. How much has changed in a year.

But as Kinkfest ends, something really sweet is ending for me too. Continue reading

A night out with Jessi

My good friend Jessi came over last weekend. We decided to go out for a drink and a walk in my hometown. I tied a chest harness on her and also tied a ‘strap-in’ on her waist. If you’re not sure what I mean, then just think of an inverted strap on.

Over all this she wore a black dress with a few red stripes. At the bar Continue reading

Fall Blog

Rope riggers hate the word Fall. But it is the name of the season, not what we make happen to our rope bottoms. There has been very little falling here – really. But the summer has passed by. Evidently I took a huge hiatus over the summer from my blogging. I could say I was really busy, but to say I have been distracted would be closer to the truth. So let me catch you up on the parts that are not blurry. This is Fall Blog not Fail Blog.

In the Spring I accepted an invitation to camp at Burning Man with Suspended Animation. Continue reading