Something Sweet

KinkFest is over, I am nursing a beer at HUB in Portland. I am reflecting on things, on a great weekend. I played in the dungeon three days in a row. They had an awesome lighting truss suspension rig, actually three of them. A major upgrade from last year. How much has changed in a year.

But as Kinkfest ends, something really sweet is ending for me too. I have had the honor and pleasure of playing with an amazing woman since last September. Our time is ending, but she has shown me love and affection that will stay with me for a long time. We had our final salute this weekend. And I really enjoyed it with her. It was a fine tribute to the wonderful thing that we have shared. There were ropes. There was adventure.

Back in the hotel room

Back in the hotel room

I have been lucky enough to leave my last few relationships feeling that I nearly as possible did things right. My reward for this is positive energy that is shared by both partners. There is no room for jealousy. As one lover said, nothing, really nothing, lasts forever. So I choose to be happy with what I have been presented. I can look back with pleasure and satisfaction over what has been.

Aside from all this high minded stuff, a wicked time was had by all. I averaged two suspensions a night, and they varied from elegant and complex, to minimal and fast. My favorite was an inversion that started with just one piece of rope around the waist. I added a chest harness to pull her up at the end. But this tie starts with the lovely lady jumping up and putting her legs around my waist. She then leans back and goes into an inverted position.  I frog-tied her legs, with her arms tied up along her back (upside down).

The look on her face as I spun and swung upside-down her was priceless.

My last suspension was a partial on a woman who had come with her beau from Tennessee to Portland and decided to come to KinkFest on a whim. I tied her squarely in a four cornered lighting truss. She was immobilized – even her hair was tied off to one corner of the truss system.

The final hours in the dungeon were steamy as people released 3 days of building sexual tension. I’ll say no more.

I am really happy – and a little bitter sweet – about the weekend.

But who knows what it lurking around the corner. I can’t wait to see.

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