Doing Art in LA

I showed up at the Gallery at 4PM with three large bags. Leather pants, big-ass boots, rope, suspension ring and contingency gear for setting up a hard point. After much thought and discussion, I opted for the center of the room. The gallery was a brick building with white walls for installing art. They were swapping out the running show and hanging the art for Cannibal Flower – for one night.

Once I was set up I went and got Pizza in Silver Lake. When I returned before the gallery opened there were more people – artists, etc buzzing about. At nine the crowd came in force. I was ready to do my ‘set’ at 11:30, but was going to tie up attendees before hand. I stationed myself with my rope bag and waited for willing victims. I had chatted with a few women earlier and they were willing to let me put ties on them. This helped get the ball rolling. But it took some doing.

Not long after, I had a small crowd forming. What is interesting is that this was a non-kinky crowd who were not expecting rope bondage…

Once I did a few ties, I started seeing women in the audience trying to get my eye to be next. I rigged steadily from opening right up through 11:30. The best parts of course were the reactions – everyone loved it and was having fun.

At 11:30 I coordinated with LeeAnn and she got ready. Once the point was prepped and the crowd moved off the floor to make room, I asked her to take off her clothes. Think about this. A room full vanilla people out for an evening of taking in art. She was great – off came the dress and she had everyone’s attention.

I tied one of my most complicated ties and worked as fast as I could with out being rushed. It went on nicely. The audience stayed with me. I think my earlier work helped set the stage. They were willing to indulge me. Once she was ready, I lifted her up and she almost yelled as her foot came off the ground. LeeAnn had been holding on to me and I pushed her arm away so I could get her up. She then laughed and giggled.

I spun and swung her around. She was having a wonderful time and I am pretty sure the audience was enjoying the show.

After I got her down and untied all the rope – and there was a lot – I started talking to Alecia to get her ready. It was already 12:20 and I only had 40 minutes. Alecia came out with tape on her nipples and panties. I tied a hip harness with one 30 foot piece of rope and put on a chest harness for use later.

I tied the support line and had her jump up on me. Once she was up I tightened the rope and had her put her weight on it. Then I instructed her to lean back. Her head tilted toward to floor and she went into a back suspension that was almost an inversion. She reached her arms back under her and grabbed her feet, making a ‘loop.’ I spun her and she flexed and undulated. When it was time I tied to the chest harness and pulled her up into a back suspension. I spun and swung more and she moved in the ropes.

I got her down at about 10 to 1AM. Perfect!

I was buzzed and LeeAnn and Alecia were both smiling and thrilled. We hung around for a while as the crowd thinned out. It was a really nice evening. Thanks are due to LeeAnn, Alecia, and the Cannibal Flower folks!

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