Seattle Erotic Arts Festival – a weekend of rigging

The Seattle Erotic Arts Festival was this last weekend. It features exhibits of art and various performances and events. At midnight on Friday and Saturday night, the main hall turned into a dance party with a DJ. At the stroke of midnight the Suspended Animation Crew deployed their high strength aluminum truss system in the middle of the dance floor. The Z shaped configuration with three rigging points was bolted together and lifted as the crown cheered. On the first night many party goers were mystified by the tubular aluminum trusses. When the first round of riggers placed their suspension rings and moved underneath them with their rope and first participants, the crowd grew and watched with anticipation.

They were not disappointed. In a short matter of time three women where bound and lifted into the air. Using high load rated swivels several of the women spun and swung freely from the overhead truss.

I stood on the sidelines at first. I found a few women who wanted to try a chest harness to see what it feels like. My good friend “R” agreed to go up once a hard point was available. I had been thinking about what to do. I settled on a face down suspension using a woven cross tied waist harness. She is very flexible and once I had her up I pulled her feet back toward the overhead ring. With her hands tied out forward and up she made a U shape. She smiled contentedly as I spun her around in the air.

Wanting to make this a little more interesting I tied each foot off to the vertical truss on each side. This spread her legs and feet apart. She started flexing and twisting in the rig, looking very much like a bug caught in a spider web.

Loud dance music and a rapt crowd added to the excitement of the event. At 3:30 AM the truss was broken down and returned to storage for a repeat the following night. A tired but happy crew drove home in the early hours of the morning.

The second night went much like the first, with even more people at the event as it transitioned into the subsequent dance party. A concerted effort was made to have everyone prep before using a suspension point and to free up the suspension points quickly. With 10 skilled bondage riggers and a large group of people wanting to experience suspension, we were able to get a lot more done the second night.

Between preparing on the ground with my partners while waiting for the hard points and then using them, I was busy rigging all night on the second night. I suspended three women who had never experienced it before. I was able to undertake very complex ties because of the extra time I had to prepare each one. All seemed very pleased. At 3:30 we again pulled down the truss. It lays waiting for the next event with the Suspended Animation Crew.

Suspended Animation Crew has pulled together a skilled group of riggers and bondage enthusiasts. Working cooperatively they have accomplished much more than a few independent riggers could have ever have. Their goals are to share the power and fun of rope, to train new riggers and put on visually stunning events. This is why classes and ‘bondage rides’ are a big part of their activities.

At Burning Man hundreds of people showed up last year for their introductory classes. They entail simple techniques that beginners can use at home to spice up their love life. Next year the camp will be back with more riggers and exciting experiences for many new people.

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