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Rope riggers hate the word Fall. But it is the name of the season, not what we make happen to our rope bottoms. There has been very little falling here – really. But the summer has passed by. Evidently I took a huge hiatus over the summer from my blogging. I could say I was really busy, but to say I have been distracted would be closer to the truth. So let me catch you up on the parts that are not blurry. This is Fall Blog not Fail Blog.

In the Spring I accepted an invitation to camp at Burning Man with Suspended Animation. They are an amazing rope bondage themed camp from Seattle. I met most of the people last year at Burning Man. I the intervening year I made several trips to Seattle for events – SeaCompression and SEAF. This is a high commitment camp – unlike my previous camp that required relatively little time investment. There is significant infrastructure. They build a performance structure that can hold 150 people under shade cloth, a three segment truss system for suspension and lighting, kitchen, residential shade, showers, etc. All hands are on deck to pull this all together.

In July they did a test build of the two giant shade structures in a park in Seattle. Everyone from the camp is needed for this activity. I drove up from the bay area through Shasta, then Portland and finally to Seattle. The day before I left I did some rigging on a sailboat. Lew Rubens organized the shoot and I did some rigging after he had the shots he needed. The whole rigging and shooting on a sailboat in the SF Bay ‘thing’ deserves a separate blog post.

Lew was driving to Oregon when I was and we met in Shasta. As we spoke he spoke highly about Fetish Con which is held in Tampa during August. It seemed like it would be too close to Burning Man to make happen, but I kept an open mind.

During the test build in Seattle there were no kinky activities planned, but after the work was done I called a good friend and it turned out she knew someone who was thrilled to have a chance to be suspended. We met at the Wet Spot and had a marvelous time with a full suspension.

Coming back through Portland I stayed with a friend who has a lovely house with a finished attic. The ceiling is low and angled, but it has exposed horizontal beams that made it the perfect multi-point suspension arrangement. I spent a day or so coaxing her into the idea. The results were stunning.

The next stop on my return was Shasta again. I met a friend there who drove up from the bay area. We went way out into the woods and looked for a remote spot to do some outdoor bondage. We were 17 miles into the woods on a two lane back road and turned off onto a dirt road. The perfect spot for rope work. As we were about to start a minivan drove by us. Hmmm…Then they came back the other way. It was time to look for another spot. For all I know they were looking for a spot to do some outdoor naked shots as well.

We finally found a spot away from the road where there was a tree I could tie her to. It’s a bit tricky working in the forest. There are lots of things for the rope to snag on and collect. But some great shots came out of this little adventure. Also I now know the area a lot better now and will be able to do more outdoor work there in the future.

Still ahead are Fetish Con and Burning Man. But these will have to wait for another post.

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