A night out with Jessi

My good friend Jessi came over last weekend. We decided to go out for a drink and a walk in my hometown. I tied a chest harness on her and also tied a ‘strap-in’ on her waist. If you’re not sure what I mean, then just think of an inverted strap on.

Over all this she wore a black dress with a few red stripes. At the bar I would reach around her backside and tug on either set of ropes. If she was talking she would stop mid-sentence. I am sure people noticed. The ropes came up over her shoulders above the top of the dress, which was strapless. So it looked like she had hemp rope dress-straps.

Jessi's Dress with collar and rope

Jessi's Dress with collar and rope

A woman at the next table commented on Jessi’s ‘necklace.’ Perfect really.

Afterward, we walked around downtown and Jessi posed for pictures. She would pretty much do as I said. Climbing on things and pulling her dress up or down so she was naked. I am sure more than a few people saw. It felt a little bit like being Bonnie and Clyde – outlaws on a crime spree.

She posed in front of several pieces of public art. This might be a theme I want to pursue.

Public Art

Public Art

Needless to say I got some great pictures.

On the last block to my house, I tied her hands behind her back and made her walk up the street. At the bottom of my steps I pulled her top down and made her walk up my porch stairs and wait for me to unlock the door with her tied up breasts out and visible.

We are going to have to do this again…

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