Reasons for Rope Bondage

Here are some reasons why you might be interested in rope bondage

-Rope work is easier than it looks

-It makes great foreplay, which means steamy fun afterwards

-Rope is easy to buy and inexpensive compared to other kinky toys and gadgets

-If you fell of a cliff, being handy with rope could save your life…

Here is some of the tantalizing material that I often cover in my classes:

-How to tie a simple knot that will always be easy to untie after major tugging

-When to use hemp rope versus nylon

-How to make sure your bottom/sub stays safe and healthy

-How to store hemp and nylon rope – hint they are not necessarily the same

-Why Home Depot is famous for its bondage aisle

-What lengths of rope to use

-How to finish the ends of your rope

-At least one cool rope trick to impress your non-kinky friends

-How to relax and make the journey the destination.

-How to tie one lovely knot that can be used in an amazing number of ways

-The difference between a granny knot and a square knot – as if you really care

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