Knot Sheets

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>> Knot Sheet Two

Ball Gag

Using the knot inthis videoand starting with three pieces of rope that are about 7 feet long you can make a ball gag. Start in the middle of each piece so you end up with six leads. Once the ball is complete take two of the leads and tie an overhand knot about 5 inches away from the ball. These two leads go up around the nose and the knot should land around the top of the nose or forehead. Two leads can go straight back, and two can go down around the chin, crossing before going to the back of the head.
All the leads will meet in the back of the head and can be tied together.

Dildo Holder

Once again aninnocent seeming knotcan be put to naughty purposes. The bottle sling knot is handy for carrying your beer and water bottles; it also makes the perfect dildo holder. Most dildos come with a flat base. If you slip the bottle sling knot around the base of the dildo and tighten, it will be securely attached.

On one end you have a loop, and on the other you have two long leads. Position the dildo on the pubic area with the loop going forward and up. Bring the lead through the crotch to the back. Now make an “L” and loop the lead around the waist, going through the loop in the front. continue to the back and wrap the lead around the “L” and reverse directions to make a ‘corset.” Loop back around the front and repeat. You will end up with a belt of rope around the waist holding the dildo. Remember that the dildo can be facing “in” or “out.” Nice! If it is facing in, you can go between the legs again and over the base of the dildo to make sure it stays put.

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